This week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: LOL - April 3, 2012

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Finding the Funny in Life Through Art

This week on the Artsy Fartsy Show The LOL Show

Today's show is our annual light show - finding humor in the bizarre and scary, stand-up comedy and much more.

 Silence! The Musical

SILENCE! The Musical,The unauthorized parody of The Silence of the Lambs, with book by Hunter Bell, music & lyrics by Jon and Al Kaplan, and direction & choreography by Christopher Gattelli, opened July 9, 2011 to unanimous rave reviews.The show immediately became a sold-out phenomenon and was selected by Time Magazine as one of the year’s Top 5 Musicals.

In the Academy Award-winning film The Silence of the Lambs, rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling matches wits with the brilliant but insane cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter, to catch the serial killer known only as Buffalo Bill.Clarice faces her own demons while racing the clock to unlock Lecter's clues before another innocent girl is killed and skinned by Buffalo Bill. The laugh-out-loud naughty satire, SILENCE! The Musical, features a singing chorus of floppy eared lambs narrating the action as Buffalo Bill gleefully dances a hoedown while kidnapping hapless Catherine Martin. Even Dr. Lecter, scary as ever, sings about the life he'd like to lead someday outsidethe prison walls.

There have been an unusually high number of recent celebrity sightings at SILENCE! The Musical, including such luminaries as Jodie Foster, James Earl Jones, Kelly Ripa, Josh Groban, Lisa Lampanelli, Jonathan Demme, Matt Bomer, Joan Rivers, Chita Rivera, Stephen Schwartz, Jeremy Jordan, John Kander, Mario Cantone, Jonathan Groff, Justin Kirk, David LaChapelle, Willie Garson, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, TR Knight, Steven Pasquale, Christian Campbell, and Anthony Heald.

Barika interviews Jenn Harris (Clarice Starling) and Stephen Bienskie (Buffalo Bill).

AND GUESS WHAT? They've written Artsy Fartsy Show into the Musical for the Wednesday, April 4th performance. Here the scoop from BroadwayWorld.


Stand Up Comedy: Harrison Greenbaum

Harrison  is a stand up comedy person, who put smiles on peoples face, and makes them laugh. He is also the co-founder of the Harvard College stand-up comic society. As a senior, Harrison received the Gordon W. Allport Prize from Harvard's psychology department. He currently lives in Manhattan where he does his stand up comedy. Harrison has performed in more than 600 shows on average, and has been featured on Spike TV, Discovery Channel, and Sirius Satellite Radio. Other works that Harrison has done are being a creator and co-producer of the longest running and successful weekly comedy shows in New York City. From colleges to comedy clubs, Harrison brings his unique style of comedy to audiences across the country and across the world.

CORDIS Ensemble

Known for its signature, eclectic sound, the critically acclaimed chamber ensemble, CORDIS, makes its New York City and Boston debuts April 5th and 6th, respectively.  Led by world renowned composer/cimbalomist Richard Grimes, CORDIS is made up of the dynamic energy of electric cellist Jeremy Harman, pianist Brian O’Neill, percussionist Andrew Beall, and the primitive craft of customized, global instruments including the electric mbira, the melodica, the hammered-dulcimer-esque stringed instrument called the cimbalom (both traditional and electric), and the world’s longest playing music box cylinder-driven music box.

By fusing traditional and specially made ethnic instruments, CORDIS showcases a unique perspective on 21st century chamber music. “We offer an intriguing mix of instrumentation from vintage keyboards to one-of-a-kind indigenous percussion,” explains Grimes.  “By redefining the makeup of a chamber group, we’re creating this whole new, uncategorical sound.”


Jack Dourakos will interview Richard Grimes, composer/concert cymbalist who specializes in contemporary orchestral and chamber repertoire for the instrument. Since 1999, Grimes has performed extensively throughout North America with Symphony Orchestras (cwww.concertcimbalom.com) and with CORDIS.  In addition to writing repertoire for the instrument, Grimes has also authored the book Gypsy Son: The Evolution of the Concert Cimbalom, which chronicles the divergent paths of the classical and gypsy concert cimbalom performance practices throughout the 20th Century. After receiving his Bachelor of Music Performance from Peabody Conservatory/Johns Hopkins University, Grimes graduated from Yale with a Masters in Music Performance and subsequently from New York University with a Ph.D. in Music Performance and Composition.  Grimes currently serves as the Executive Director of the American Concert Cimbalom Festival held in Boston each summer.

 Robin Antar talks to Melissa Silver about her work in the stone sculpture of foods

 -Robin displays one of her artistic
  works by making M&M's out of
  stone sculptures.
Robin Antar is a Brooklyn artist who makes stone sculptures of realism and also abstract pieces. She is the first woman ever to be exhibiting at POP International galleries at 473 West Broadway in Manhattan. Her sculptures are made with such detail they are often mistaken for the real thing. Many of her works are on view including BOXING GLOVES (Cararra Marble and Bronze),YORK PEPPERMINT PATTIE(carved stone then cast in stainless steel), BAG OF OREO COOKIES (carved marble) and CREST TOOTHPASTE WITH BRUSH (carved marble and vinyl).
Melissa Silver our resident Brit sat down with Robin to talk about her exhibit.


This week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: Why Live in New York When It's Not NY Anymore, Anyway- March 20,2012

Tune in to the Artsy Fartsy Show Tuesdays at 2pm on WBAI 99.5FM. Listen online http://stream.wbai.org. For more information about the Artsy Fartsy Show visit: http://artsyfartsyshow.com.THIS WEEK ON THE ARTSY FARTSY SHOW..... WHY LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY WHEN IT"S NOT NY ANYMORE, ANYWAY


Justin Rivers has a passion for NYC. It is evident in his play, THE ETERNAL SPACE now set to have a short run at The Tank NYC directed by our own Barika Edwards. Justin is also the writer for The Wonder City, a graphic novel that re-imagines the entire history of New York City, an adventure where myth and history become intertwined in a mystery over 400 years old.
Barika will sit down with Justin to see if New York is still a haven for creativity inspired by the wonder of "authentic New York."
Check out Justin's Work:

Rural Urban Ruin - The Eternal Space performing March 22 and 23, 2012 at 9:30pm at the Tank NYC
Tickets are only $10 and you can purchase them at the door or online: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/e/234132
The Wonder City

Also in today's program, the Rural.Urban.Ruin the play series that includes The Eternal Space; the actors of Short Order: Leo Goodman, Vanessa Handy and Stephan Ward will perform.
As an actor, you're often advised that New York is the place to be for theater and culture, and the "Best Coast" is the destination for TV, film, and endless parades of pretty people. So what's an curious artsy girl to do? Hollis Witherspon enlists the help of two performer friends - performer, clown school graduate and accordionist Corinne Robkin, as she evaluates her new life in the Big Apple as a recent transplant from the foggy hills of relaxed San Francisco, and actress and writer Victoria Tate, who trades her Park Avenue view for palm trees car culture in sunny LA. Which coast will reign Supreme for these artists? Spot of Culture puts it to the test!
With so many hungry New Yorkers around it is no wonder that the big chain restaurants and fast food places are trying their best to find a home in NY where they can set up camp and get a piece of the action. But what happens if someday we have more chain than local restaurants.  Individually owned restaurants are a huge part of what makes NYC great and we have to hope the big chains dont change that. Nikki Dinki interviews New Yorkers and gives her thoughts on the unique restaurant scene in NY and just what might happen in the future.  Including details on how pink slime is becoming every more present in the food we eat and just what people are saying about it.
Leo Goodman, Vanessa Handy and Stephan Ward will perform from the play Short Order, which will be presented at The Tank NYC on March 22 and 23, 2012 at 9:30pm. Go to thetanknyc.org for more information and tix.

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This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: State of Being - Jan. 31, 2012

This Week on The Artsy Fartsy Show Airing Tuesday, Jan 31st, 2012 at 2pm EST on WBAI 99.5FM

Segments you wont want to miss:


Hollis interviews Elisabeth Lehr, Acting Executive Director of the AFGHAN WOMEN'S PROJECT. AWWP’s mission is to empower Afghan women to share their voices with the world. Despite deteriorating security, women determined to tell their own stories gather online and in "writing huts" in undisclosed locations in Kabul and Herat to receive mentoring from American women authors and professors, and to participate in writing workshops and reading salons. AWWP's online magazine is the vehicle through which their stories are shared. The project also aims to promote greater economic independence for these women by strengthening their self-confidence,computer literacy and writing skills, and to encourage the inclusion of women’s voices in Afghanistan's national dialogue.

Melissa Silver on three exhibits now at the Brooklyn Museum


Now - June 3, 2012

Question Bridge: Black Males is an innovative video installation created by artists Hank Willis Thomas and Chris Johnson in collaboration with Bayeté Ross Smith and Kamal Sinclair. The four collaborators spent several years traveling throughout the United States, speaking with 150 Black men living in 12 American cities and towns, including New York, Chicago, Oakland, Birmingham, and New Orleans. From these interviews they created 1,500 video exchanges in which the subjects, representing a range of geographic, generational, economic, and educational strata, serve as both interviewers and interviewees. Their words were woven together to simulate a stream-of-consciousness dialogue, through which important themes and issues emerge, including family, love, interracial relationships, community, education, violence, and the past, present, and future of Black men in American society.


Now- Feb. 12, 2012

The first major museum exhibition to focus on themes of gender and sexuality in modern American portraiture,HIDE/SEEK: Difference and Desire in American Portraiturebrings together more than one hundred works in a wide range of media, including paintings, photographs, works on paper, film, and installation art. The exhibition charts the underdocumented role that sexual identity has played in the making of modern art, and highlights the contributions of gay and lesbian artists to American art.

In addition to revealing connections between sexual identity and formal developments in modern art, HIDE/SEEK presents artists’ responses to the Stonewall Riots of 1969, the AIDS epidemic, and postmodern themes of identity, highlighted with major pieces by artists such as AA Bronson, Félix González-Torres, and Annie Leibovitz.

From Reality TV to Real Walls: NOT FOR LONG, MY FORLORN

Now - Feb. 5, 2012

The exhibition of Kymia Nawabi, the season-two winner of Bravo’s series Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. Not for Long, My Forlorn , is an expression of both her personal mythology and her ideas on the cyclical nature of life.


Barika Edwards sits in the house of Freud's Last Session (by Mark St. Germain) to interview the cast: Martin Rayner (Freud) and Mark H. Dold (Lewis)

FREUD'S LAST SESSION centers on legendary psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud, who invites a young, little-known professor, C.S. Lewis, to his home in London. Lewis, expecting to be called on the carpet for satirizing Freud in a recent book, soon realizes Freud has a much more significant agenda. On the day England enters World War II, Freud and Lewis clash on the existence of God, love, sex and the meaning of life – only two weeks before Freud chooses to take his own.

Listen to the Extended Web-Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Web Interview with Freud's Last Session from the on-air broadcast

ART SHANTY - With Guest Contributor Jen Nelson

January 14 brings the kickoff of a popular winter art event here in the Twin Cities: Art Shanty Projects. If you’ve ever been to Minnesota during the winter, you may have noticed that curious little village-like communities of small shacks tend to pop on nearly every one of our more than 10,000 lakes as enthusiasts take to their frozen surfaces to ice fish. Inspired by those ice fishing houses, Art Shanty Projects gives them their own creative spin. As described by its creators, Art Shanty Projects is “part  sculpture park, part artist residency, and part social experiment … an artist driven temporary community exploring the ways in which the relatively unregulated public space of the frozen lake can be used as a  new and challenging artistic environment to expand notions of what art can be.”

Each year artists come up with concepts and build their own art shanties based on those concepts. A list of artists and shanties can be found at the program’s website and this year include themes such as “Robot Reprise” – back again with their own working robot, “ Reflection Shanty” - a beautiful and multi-purpose space for contemplation, “Fort Shanty” – a space to build imaginary  intimate spaces reminiscent of those from childhood, “Capitol Hill” – a farce that stands as a monument  to government absurdities , “Solar Ark Shanty” – a place to encounter the sun and alter its relationship with the frozen lake complete with a digitally fabricated wall oriented to the sun’s path, and “Dance Shanty” – well, that one kind of explains itself, among many other shanties exploring concepts of  history, fashion, play, treasure hunting, bicycles, basketball, naughtiness, photography, media, and other cultures.

As you may have inferred, this is not a passive experience. Each shanty is built not merely to be looked at, but interacted with. As you explore from shanty to shanty, you will have the opportunity to decorate and print textiles, attend winter biking workshops, participate in language activities, use provided winter items to dress up and document your new fashion in a photo booth, create the holiday you think government should observe, let out your inner monster, explore the daily life of Minnesotan pioneers, have a sauna, help create the Shantyquarian newspaper, or become part of a dance performance. The calendar of events also includes chances for group activities and games, the  opportunity to find out just how many people can simultaneously wear a 100 yard long scarf, take in a winter fashion show, or watch the art car parade. If you should find yourself in Minnesota during this four week exhibition, Art Shanty Projects is open each weekend from 10am to 5pm between January 14th and February 5th on Medicine Lake in the Minneapolis suburb of Plymouth. Dress warm and be sure to wear your winter boots - with no tree cover out on the open lake, temperatures often feel much colder. However don’t let the cold keep you away, this event is well worth it. If you can’t make it, be sure to check artshantyprojects.org for a  complete list of shanties and artists, links to their individual websites and photos of this year’s event as well as previous events. I hope to see you there! If you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be out playing another round of snowquet.

Artist Spotlight: After Augustine

The Oscar Nominations are In: The List

The Academy Award Nominations are in.


The Artist
Thomas Langmann, Producer
The Descendants
Jim Burke, Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor,
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Scott Rudin, Producer
The Help
Brunson Green, Chris Columbus and
Michael Barnathan, Producers
Graham King and Martin Scorsese, Producers
Midnight in Paris
Letty Aronson and Stephen Tenenbaum, Producers
Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz and Brad Pitt,
The Tree of life
Nominees to be determined
War Horse
Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy,

Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist
Alexander Payne, The Descendants
Martin Scorsese, Hugo
Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris
Terrence Malick, The Tree of Life 

Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs
Viola Davis, The Help
Rooney Mara, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady
Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn 

Demián Bichir
A Better Life
george clooney
The Descendants
Jean Dujardin
The Artist
Gary Oldman
Tinker Tailor Soilder Spy
Brad Pitt

Jonah Hill, Moneyball
Kenneth Branagh, My Week With Marilyn
Max von Sydow, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
Nick Nolte, Warrior
Christopher Plummer, Beginners 

Berenice Bejo
Jessica Chastain
Melissa McCarthy
Janet McTeer
Octavia Spencer 

The Artist
Margin Call
Midnight in Paris
A Separation 

The Descendants
The Ides of March
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy 

A Cat in Paris
Chico & Rita
Kung Fu Panda 2
Puss in Boots

A Separation
In Darkness
Monsieur Lahzar 

Hell and Back Again
If A Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front
Paradise Lost 3

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
The Tree of Life
War Horse 

This Week on Artsy Fartsy Show: My Art is Beautiful too! Part 1Jan 10, 2012

This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show- Jan. 10, 2012 Listen to the Artsy Fartsy Show on WBAI 99.5FM Tuesdays at 2pm or online http://stream.wbai.org


Part 1: The Experience

This week feature the first part of our two week feature on the African-American and African Diaspora Artistic Experience in the United States.

Tuesday, Jan. 10th, we will have a panel of emerging artists that will talk about various experiences and challenges that face them.

Emerging Artists Panelist:

Chandra Thomas, originally from New York, this young, busy and dynamic talent is currently in rehearsals for Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Ruined. She recently wrapped shooting HBO's highly anticipated production, Too Big To Fail and just returned from Denver Theater Center's New Play Summit where she worked on Lisa Loomer's most recent play and premiered her latest solo show, Forgive to Forget as part of Passage Theatre's Solo Festival. chandra is co-producing the LOVE/YOUTH Project, a collaborative theatrical response of professional artists to the violence against LGBT youth. She is also the founder of For The Artist (www.sitefortheartist.com), a company providing innovative workshops, tools and seminars specifically empowering artists to become working professionals.
BE Rivers- Born and Raised in The Bronx NY,BE Started Acting at the age of 10 years old,He Studied Acting at LaGuardia H.S of Performing Arts and
Directing at the School of Visual Arts. At age 18 BE wrote/directed and Starred in the Short Film "My Little Brother Cliffy" which appeared on The ShowTime Cable network.
BE was an original member of The Classical Theater of Harlem having Starred in their productions of "Native Son" playing Bigger Thomas and "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" playing the role of Sylvester for which has was Nominated for a Audelco award for best Supporting Actor. BE is also an Original cast Member of Of The Hit Play now in it's 9th year "Platanos and Collard Greens". BE is also creator of TheUrbanChase, an Actor's Group that provides Improv and Character building Workshops for Actor's. For More Info Search TheUrbanChase on Facebook/Twitter or Youtube. or emailTheUrbanChase@gmail.com
Bayeté Ross Smith is an artist, photographer, and educator living in New York City. He is represented bybeta pictoris gallery/Maus ContemporaryHe began his career as a photojournalist with the Knight Ridder Newspaper Corporation. Bayeté has exhibited with the San Francisco Arts Commission at San Francisco City Hall, the Oakland Museum of California, MoMA P.S.1, the New Museum, Duetsche Bank, Rush Arts Gallery, the Leica Gallery, the Newark Museum, the Patricia Sweetow Gallery, the Goethe Institute (Ghana), and Zacheta National Gallery of Art (Poland). His collaborative film with the Cause Collective screened at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.He has also been involved in a variety of community and public art projects with organizations such as the Jerome Foundation, Alternate Roots, The Laundromat Project, the city of San Francisco and the city of Atlanta.

Bayeté’s accolades include a FSP/Jerome Fellowship, as well as fellowships and residencies with the McColl Center for Visual Art, Charlotte, North Carolina, the Kala Institute, Berkeley, California, the Laundromat Project, New York, NY and Can Serrat International Art Center, Barcelona, Spain.

His photographs have been published in numerous books and magazines, including Dis:Integration: The Splintering of Black America (2010), Posing Beauty: African American Images from the 1890s to the Present (2009), Black: A Celebration of A Culture (2005), The Spirit Of Family (2002); SPE Exposure: The Society of Photographic Education Journal, Black Enterprise Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, and the various publications of Village Voice Media.

In the tradition of Miles Davis, Fela Kuti and Zach Condon, TreZure Empirerealized her fancy education hadn’t prepared her for life’s work: creating new world music. A brown skinned girl with bright blonde bangs from The Bronx, she found her calling in traditional and folk vocals  of chain gangs, ring shouts, Lebanese love songs, flamenco and Afro Cuban spiritual songs and 80s synth pop, glam rock r+b and new jack swing that she grew up on.In 2008, she moved  up from the jazz and small venue circuit in NYC as a feature vocalist for several bands, to performing with her own ensemble in the city’s top venues, including South Paw, Webster Hall, Santos Party House and The HighLine Ballroom. By 2009 she opened for Omar, Talib Kweli and Res, and by 2010 and 2011  she opened for two of her greatest influences, Van Hunt and Bilal.In 2010 TreZure released her debut EP DON’T HOLD BACK and fulfilled her first international tour in Tokyo, Japan.  In Shibuya, she recorded her 2011 release “Astral Plane”, an ethereal ballad featured on her first full-length album THE SHIVERS, which she is currently recording.

Jon Braman and Arthur Lewis Perform a the tribute Happy Birthday song by Stevie Wonder to Dr. Martin Luther King.
Please share your experiences as an artist of color. Please comment below.

This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: 2011 Year in Review

This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: Jan. 3rd, 2011 at 2pm on WBAI 99.5FM online http://stream.wbai.org. 2011 Year in Review

What we thought were the most prolific and wonderful things in art during the year 2011.

BEST IN FOOD 2011 - Best in Food by Nikki Dinki The National

The National Bar & Dining Rooms is the culmination of internationally acclaimed Food Network chef Geoffrey Zakarian’s vision to bring true all-occasion dining to New York City’s Midtown.


Best foodie website: one stop website that points you to other recipes online.



Here are some of Barika's top picks in Film 2011.

For the full list http://artsyfartsyblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/best-in-film-2011/


An actor to watch out for is Joseph Gordon-Levitt he brings layered characterization to his roles that surprise you with their complete mirror of the human condition. 50/50’s cast including Seth Rogan, Angelica Houston and Anna Kendrick, director, Jonathan Levine;  and writer, Will Reiser  do just that in a witty and endearing story about a young radio producer who finds out he has cancer.  The film gives an interesting perspective on the highs and lows when dealing with mortality. Its one of the films this year that kept me thinking about the film long after the lights and the theatre rose.

Attack the Block

One of the funniest yet provocative films of the year. Its like Goonies in the ghetto. When aliens land around the housing estates in inner-city London, 6 boys who have experienced hard knocks of life but are still kids at heart. These boys have consequences to their delinquent behavior. As more aliens come down to attack their project apartment building - its the inner city vs the outer limits.

Attack the Block came out during the summer around the time Super 8another aliens attacking kids film, yet its been done before. Attack the Blockpresents the issues of class and race and how assumptions and survival are made.

The Help

Occupy Wall Street calls for better wages and employee dignity and promises of CHANGE since 2008. But After watching The Help I said to myself. “Wow, nothing really has changed.” The Help’s film adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s book The Help has a powerhouse female cast including break out performances by Octavia Spencer and a Lindsay Lohen looking/sounding actress, Emma Stone.  Black Mississippi maids assist a new college graduate on her book by telling the truth about how they feel working a maids for white families.



I have to give this to The Misfits on E4. This ingenious television show about juvenile delinquents who are struck by lightning during a strange storm and survive with powers.  The five juvenile delinquents do not change their mentality even though they have powers which makes this smart show very funny and unlike any show on tv today. Check out the Misfits on Hulu.com for American audiences.


Spencer's picks for best in Theatre 2011

#1 Book of Mormon

#1 - I know it sounds crazy to tell you that my number one show of 2011 is actually a show that I've never seen….but that's because it's so popular, it's so in demand, it's on EVERYONE'S must see list…resulting in me not being able to even get a ticket to see it this year. The show is BOOK OF MORMONwritten by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, in cooperation with Robert Lopez who penned the off-color Broadway smash hit Avenue Q. Not since Wicked have I seen Rush Ticket lines extend all the way around a city block.

I HAVE however listened to the cast recording, and think that it's one of the most intelligently funny things to hit Broadway in a long time. It sounds like Mel Brooks, Avenue Q and South Park had there way with Rogers and Hammerstein and a Mormon Lovechild was the result.

The BOOK OF MORMON follows two young missionaries who are sent to Uganda to try to convert citizens to the Mormon religion. One missionary, Elder Price, is an enthusiastic go-getter with a strong dedication to his faith, while his partner, Elder Cunningham, is a socially awkward but well meaning nerd whose tendency to embroider the truth soon lands him in trouble. Upon their arrival in Africa, Elders Price and Cunningham learn that in a society plagued by AIDS, poverty and violence, a successful mission may not be as easy as they expected.

#2 Normal Heart

#2 - On an opposite note, my next pick I not only had the pleasure of getting to see….but I was so moved by it, that it left me crying on the elliptical at the gym an hour later…I don't embarrass easily, but I got a lot of odd looks that day. THE NORMAL HEART is Larry Kramer's masterwork about a city in denial. It unfolds like a real-life political thriller—as a group of friends refuses to let doctors, politicians and the press bury the truth of an unspoken epidemic. A quarter-century after it was written, this outrageous, unflinching, and totally unforgettable look at the sexual politics of New York during the AIDS crisis remains one of the theatre’s most powerful evenings ever. It won Best Revival of a Play at the Tony Awards, Drama Desk Awards, and the Outer Critics Circle Awards. This limited engagement played its final performance on Broadway on July 10, 2011.

War Horse

#3 -  My third pick is yet another hard to come by ticket and it will get even harder now that the movie adaptation is out. WAR HORSE travels from the lush English countryside to the fields of France and Germany at the outbreak of World War I. A boy's beloved horse has been sold to the cavalry and shipped to France. Caught up in enemy fire, the horse serves on both sides of the war, and survives an odyssey that leaves him alone in no-man's land. The boy, now a young man, cannot forget his horse, and embarks on a treacherous mission to find him and bring him home.

WAR HORSE is an outstanding drama, filled with gorgeous music and beautiful songs. There are breathing, galloping, charging horses on the stage - built of steel, leather and aircraft cables. They are life-size puppets strong enough for men to ride. That alone was worth the ticket price!

Winner of 2011 Tony Awards for:

Best Play, Best Direction, Best Scenic Lighting and Sound Design, and it received a Special Tony Award to Handspring Puppet Company for the horses.


BEST IN DANCE 2011- Barika Edwards

Momix Botantica

My Top pick for Dance in 2011 is Momix.

Moxis is a surrealistic dance company under the direction of Moses Pendleton. They are known for their use of props, playing with light and shadow and adding humor to their dance pieces. This contemporary dance company is based in Connecticut and is currently travelling the world with their show, BOTANCIA, which performed at the Joyce Dance Theatre here in New York City  in December.


BOTANICA is a poem written by Pendleton which is a naturalistic journey through the four seasons. The imagery is magical. I was amazed that a show with spectacular costumes, props and puppetry, including a rideable triceratops puppet was only for $10. While watching this riveting show I could hear gasps from other audience members and I didn’t want to leave this fantastical world built by Momix.

This Week on The Artsy Fartsy Show - The Artist Way New Year II - Dec. 27, 2011

This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: The Artist Way New Year II Listen to the Artsy Fartsy Show on WBAI 99.5FM Tuesdays at 2pm

or online http://stream.wbai.org


Today is all about the artist and the artistic development for the New Year. This is an episode you will not want to miss.



Julia Cameron will join us on the phone to discuss The Artist Way and how to find success in the new year through creative recovery.

JuliaCameronLive.com is an interactive community for artists who use The Artist Way. Artsy Fartsy Show listners will receive a discount visit our website: http://artsyfartsyshow.com to grab the code.


When you think of New Year's and resolutions, its had to not conjure up the painstaking plan to lose weight. Our guest contributor, Amanda Thieroff shares her experience with an artistic diet.


We rewind throughout the year of our artist's spotlight segments and one of our favorites was the cast of the Off-Broadway Musical: Sistas which is now playing St. Lukes Theatre in Manhattan, NY. Check them out when you are in town. http://sistasthemusical.com

This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: Holiday Story Spectacular

This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: Dec. 20, 2011



This week we bring you stories of holiday madness and poetry.


Rev Jen will sit down with Barika and talk about the holidays, her crazy journey to becoming an Art Star and her entertaining new book ELF GIRL

All about Rev Jen:

Get a signed copy of Rev Jen's new book ELF GIRL by adding Artsy Fartsy Show to your twitter list and tweet us: Happy Holidays from an Art Star.

We will draw Tweeters on Dec 25th, 2011 11:59PM and send them a signed copy of her book.

ELF GIRL by Rev Jen now available on amazon.com. Win a signed copy by adding Artsy Fartsy Show to your twitter following list.






Barika will give you a list of emergency resources for artists when things become very tight and the holidays dont seem very jolly.

Get your pen and paper ready to jot down these resources.




Next week: JULIA CAMERON, author of The Artist Way.

She has a new website that has an interactive approach to The Artist Way.

Check out Juliacameronlive.com

Email your questions for Julia to us: artsyfartsy@wbai.org


This Week on: A Year of a Difference

This week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: A Year of a Difference

Airing Tuesday November 22, 2011 at 2pm EST On WBAI 99.5FM and online artsyfartsyshow.com

Last year Julia Cameron said that you can make a huge impact on your artistic life in one year. Today we will talk with artists who have just done that. Their lives have changed considerably in one year and the they are not coasting but using their success to develop new works and new ideas.

Our segments this week.


Jesse Eisenberg, a native New Yorker, has been an actor for a long time. His not the only one in his family who has taken on the bright lights of theatre and film, his sister Hallie Kate Eisenberg, is and actress known for as quirky Pepsi girl.

Jesse has been acting since the age 10, and has had acting success from provocative indie films such as The Squid and the Whale and The Education of Charlie Banks.

Last year he had a whirlwind of a year with the fiction bio-pic about the phenomenon of the social network, Facebook as he portrayed its founder, Mark Zuckerberg in the David Fincher's Social Network. Since 2010, he garnered numerous acting nominations including an Academy Award and BAFTA Nominations for lead acting.

Now he joins us to talk about his exciting and thought-provoking new play ASUNCION written by Eisenberg, directed by Kip Fagen now playing at the Cherry Lane Theatre. ASUNCION produced by the Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre threads the superficial lines of assumption through racial ideals and racial acceptance.

Jesse plays Edgar, a self-anointed journalist who has been crashing on the bean bag chair of Black Studies TA, Vinny (Justin Bartha). When Edgar’s brother Stuart (Remy Auberjonois) drops off his bubbly new Filipina-American wife Asuncion (Camille Mana) to stay for a few days, Vinny agrees while Edgar has reservation due to his assumptions that Asuncion is a sex worker. Despite his white guilt, Edgar sees Asuncion as a opportunity to write a great journalistic expose.

Jesse has another exciting year ahead of him as he dons on the hats of playwright and actor. He joins us in studio with the actors of the play ASUNCION Camille Mana, Justin Bartha, and Remy Auberjonois.

Are you a Theater Artist, student, or under 30? Go to Rattlestick's Facebook page for information on discounted tickets just for you!


November 22nd marks our year anniversary of the Artsy Fartsy Show, Hollis Witherspoon looks back at our year and the culture of creating an arts magazine show for radio. She gives you a behind the scenes perspective of the show that was so controversial by the rhyming of two little words.


Continuing with this week's theme of how you life can be changed artistically in just one year. Nikki Dinki looks at the foodie side of art.

Brucie, nestled in Cobble Hill invites people in with promise of fresh ingredients, classics with a twist and an all around cozy environment which is constantly a buzz with foodies and locals alike.  This unique Italian restaurant is also half market allowing you to take away some of the key ingredients and have a truly "Brucie" experience at home.  Recently our own food guru Nikki Dinki sat down with the young and vivacious chef Zahra Tangorra who is the owner of this impressive new spot. Most interestingly Zahra talked about how much things have changed in the year surrounding the opening Brucie and how at a young age she was able to make Brucie a reality.  This is one chef that will easily make a stand in Brooklyn and show everyone that if you have the passion and the creative spirit you can make great things happen.


Jon Braman, the Artsy Fartsy Show resident hip-hop Yuke man.


Come down to WBAI for our AF Sessions with Doris Cellar. Its a free concert for our listeners before the live broadcast.

What makes the AF Sessions special is a physical audience sits in on the session and has  an enhanced concert experience.  The artists that are on the brink of becoming the next  big thing, share their stories and the artistic process behind the songs they perform. The AF Sessions artists come from an array of genres and styles, and foremost are diverse in  originality, creativity and have a unique sound.

The limited seats are free and audience members can sign up by calling WBAI (212-209-2800) or by reserving on the Artsy Fartsy Show website (artsyfartsyshow.com).

To join the studio audience of the AF Sessions visit artsyfartsyshow.com/af-sessions or call WBAI at (212) 209-2800 to reserve your seat. Listen to AF Sessions broadcasts on the Artsy Fartsy Show on 99.5FM in New York City or online http://stream.wbai.org. Join us on the AF Session Tuesday, performance 1:15-1:45pm stay for the 2pm live broadcast and be apart of our live on-air audience.

FACEBOOK RSVP (but you still need to call or email)


Listen to Doris Cellar: http://www.myspace.com/doriscellar http://soundcloud.com/doris_cellar http://www.facebook.com/doriscellar

AF Sessions Alums: The Lisps, Milano, Stately Ghosts. Upcoming Artists: Dorris Cellar (November 29th, 2011) Cosmos Says Hello (December 13, 2011)


I want to thank you, our listeners and followers for tuning into the Artsy Fartsy Show each week. Its been an amazing year and we have learned so much from our listeners as you share your own stories and thoughts on art. I hope that our program continues to bridge art to you of all kinds even the stuff you may feel is a little too artsy fartsy  for your own tastes. I also want to thank all of our wonderful guests who have sat with us in studio, on the phone and in cafes and restaurants. Thank you for sharing your art and your stories. We've had so many wonderful guests and performers who join us every week and we thank you for passing the flame of inspiration to our listeners.

I also want to express my huge thanks to all the people who put this show together each week. Thank you for your dedication and your hard work. Thank you for your support and allowing me to collaborate with you each week. You mean the world to me, each of your my wonderful collaborators: Spencer Howard, Hollis Witherspoon, Jon Braman, Peter Gleason, Jack Dourakos, Nikki Dinki, Melissa Silver, Jackie Goldstein, Michael G. Haskins, Reggie Johnson, Danielle Raymo, Kaitlyn Priest and Philip Seidman.

~ Barika Taheer Edwards

Zefrey Throwell at the MoMA

The Artsy Fartsy Show congratulates Zefrey Throwell on his work to be exhibited at the MoMA! You first heard Zefrey on our debute show of the Artsy Fartsy Show a year ago and in the Spring of this year, he  visited our studios to give you the first scoop on OCULARPATION: WALL STREET, the public performance art piece that foreshadowed and galvanized the Occupy Wall Street movement.

If you have missed some of the cool artsy innovative things that Zefrey has done here is your chance to see it at the Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53 Street  New York, NY 10019 PH: (212) 708-9400)

Spark in the Tinderbox An Evening of Zefrey Throwell's 9 films at MoMA

Monday November 14th 7pm Theater 2 Tickets for $10 bucks here!

Screening 9 films he has made over the past few years, including a short film that documents Ocularpation: Wall Street.

Ocularpation Wall Street

Also premiring Madonna Mia Violenta a new film I have made with talented director Josephine Decker.

This is going to be a ruckus evening, definitely not for kids. Well, it depends on how you're raising them I suppose come on out and cry, laugh, heckle and cheer! - Zerfery Throwell

AND ON TOP OF MoMA! He is doing a performance art piece

I'll Raise You One

Nov 12-19, 2011

10:30am - 6pm daily

79 Walker Street (by Canal and Broadway) Opening Party on Saturday the 12th at 6pm at Art in General

Art in General commissioned Zefrey to do a piece for Performa 11 and its going to be a real humdinger!

Using the conflicting languages of teenage love and small stakes capitalism, I’ll Raise You One… is continuous strip poker game performed in the public realm.

At the end of each round, when the participants typically exit and private affairs begin, playing members will get dressed and begin again, creating a nonsensical repetitive pattern that continues round after round. Transforming Art in General’s Storefront space into a stage, I’ll Raise You One… establishes a world of absurdity and purposelessness, letting the casual onlooker join in a guilt-free voyeurism, while teasing out a different outlook on our personal interactions and day to day routines.

This will be a hell of an endurance project. I'll be playing strip poker for 7 days straight) as well as something that truly captivating to the eye. I've styled the storefront window space after Pasolini films and there will be free collectible posters! - Zefrey Throwell


Solo show in NYC in January 2012

"Ocularpation: Wall Street - Yankee Market" multi-media sculpture, Zefrey Throwell 2012

I've started working with a new gallery! It is my pleasure to announce that I have begun working with Klemens Gasser and Tanja Grunert, Inc. - Zefrey

Klemens Gasser and Tanja Grunert, Inc

(located ground floor in Chelsea on 19th street across from David Zwirner) 524 West 19th, NY, NY 10011

Zefrey will be working along side super talented and exciting co-gallery artists: Grayson Cox and Vallie Export.

2011 Fall Film Preview

Barika’s picks for the Fall and Christmas Film Season This fall and Christmas film season will bring the next round of 1980s remakes, supernatural fantasy flicks, new wave of horror/flicks, two Broadway to screen films, and of course the Nov/Dec heavyweights sure to campaign for your votes and eyes during the award season.

First on the Remakes Remakes of the 1980s films abound this year and it only reminds me of my college marketing theory which states that the generation making trends do so on the nostalgia of their childhood.  The Sitter (opens Dec. 9, 2011 in US) is a remake of one of my favorite films that I wish they would have left be only in blissful memory of films I enjoyed as a kid, Adventures in Babysitting. Plus the remake and re-imagining of Footloose (Opens Oct. 14, 2011 in US) and re-release of The Lion King, this time in 3D (Limited 2 week run starting Sept. 16, 2011 in US).

My thoughts: Aren’t remakes negating the significance of the AFI portfolio. Are we going to eventually have remakes of classic remakes to refer to as great American films?

1.) Action-Adventure My pick is Red Tails.

Since 1988 Executive Producer George Lucas has been developing Red Trails a biopic action drama about the Tuskegee Airmen. Anthony Hemingway has directed and assistant on many films and television shows, he will film debut in the long to arrive film about the racial oppression and heroism of the Tuskegee airmen starring Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Bryan Cranston and Nate Parker.

Red Tails will open in theatres Jan 20, 2012 in the US.

2.) Comedy My Comedy pick is 50/50 to release Sept. 30th. 50/50 stars Joseph Gordan-Levitt who is wonderfully dynamic actor who draws you in who plays Adam a cancer patient with a 50% chance of survival. The story follows his path from receiving the news to treatment while his friend and inexperienced therapist (played by Paul Rogan and Anna Kendrick) attempt to help him through his for survival.

50/50 opens Sept 30, 2011 in the US.

Another comedy to see is Johny English Reborn starring Rowan Atkins (Mr. Bean) and Gillian Anderson (X-Files).

3.) Supernatural/Fantasy The Twilight Saga books to film will come to an end with the fourth book, Breaking Dawn which taking  cues from the revenue success of the Harry Potter film adaptation series, the fourth Twilight book, Breaking Dawn will be divided into two parts. Mortal, Bella Swan will marry her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen and will soon be turned to a vampire to please the powers that be of the Volturi the vampire dictatorship, to save their lives. Marital bliss is short lived as Bella becomes pregnant with Edward’s baby that is literally killing her alive and the wolves are launching an attack to kill Bella and her unborn child.

Twilight Breaking Dawn will open. Part 1 November 18, 2011 in US and UK Part 2 November 16th, 2012 in the US.

Parents before putting the series down as another vampire romcom. Did you know that the Twilight books are listed as SAT prep because it parallels themes of classic literature and references it throughout each of the four books?  Let your teen read the book before watching the film that mutes these literary devices.

4.) Horror First is was Japanese torture films and now Norwegian thrillers are in Vogue, Even BBC Four Extra has a series of Scandinavian thrillers airing. So its now suprise that before the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo opens in 2012 that we would have a few other Nordic stories set out the carpet.  The Thing is one of them.

The Thing will open Oct 14th, 2011

5.) Drama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5RPL2_L6H4

My favorite film of 2010 was The King’s Speech the story about King George taking up the throne after his brother, King Edward steps down to marry American divorcee, Wallis Simpson. Andrea Riseborough plays her in W.E directed by Madonna. W.E is the story of two romances, Wallis and King Edward, played by James D’Arcy, and the contemporary romance of Wally played by Abbie Cornish and a Russian security guard, Oscar Isaacs who was a gave a standout performance in Body of Lies.

W.E. opens December 9, 2011

Melancholia directed by Lars Van Trier who got his foot stuck in his mouth during a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival hasnt stopped the buzz behind this psycho-drama about a big event (a newly discovered planet threatens to hit the earth)  but Melancholia is seems to be only a subplot in this drama film starring Kirsten Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Alexander Skarsgård, Kiefer Sutherland and John Hurt.


Melancholia opens Nov 11, 2011 in US and Sept 30, 2011 in UK.

6.) Christmas

What would make a University of Pennsylvania lecturer leave his prestigious political career as an Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement leave office and return to leave again? The answer is A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas 3D. Kal Penn did just that to reprise his role of Kumar the cringe-worthy pothead with witty social commentary. Also returning for the Holiday fracas is Neil Patrick Harris and John Cho. The film will open November 4th.

For Families: So how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?' Arthur Christmas answers that question in the animated film by genius stop-motion clay animation team (Aardman) behind the Wallas and Gromit series and films. James McAvoy (Last King of Scottlan), Bill Nighly, Hugh Laurie, and Jim Broadbent bring the characters to life.

Arthur Christmas will open Novmeber 23, 2011 in the US, November 11th in the UK.

The answer: Santa's exhilarating, ultra-high-tech operation hidden beneath the North Pole. But at the center of the film is a story about a family in a state of comic dysfunction and an unlikely hero, Arthur, with an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning dawns.

Hugo is another family film that has being picking up speed Directed by Martin Scorsese Set in 1930s Paris, an orphan who lives in the walls of a train station is wrapped up in a mystery involving his late father and an automaton

November 23, 2011 US and December 2, 2011 in the UK.

From Play to Screen: The Tony Award winning play, War Horse is now playing at the Vivian Beaumont Theatre and will be opening in film adaptation in cinemas this Christmas.

War Horse is based on Michael Morpurgo’s children's novel set during World War I when a young boy’s beloved horse is sold to serve in the British and German armies and the young boy’s journey to bring his horse home.

You can see War Horse on Broadway now with its stunning puppetry or see the film with real horse. You can see it on Broadway for $35 if you qualify for the LincTix discount for audience members ages 21-35

War Horse Opens December 28, 2011 and in the United Kingdom on January 13, 2012.

Z Day: Zombies in the Bronx

Timothy Haskell and Bobby Ferrara bring zombies to the Bronx. The undead run, scream and scare the living in the short, but awesome Nightmare: Z-Day. When you enter you meet a scientist, who boasts his amazing re-animator serum. From there it takes off. The attraction is an a warehouse deep in the Bronx, and it's rather out of the way if you live in Lower Manhattan like I do. However, if you can make your way up there this is one of the more fun haunted houses I've been to this season. Without giving too much away, I can say the whole thing is about 10 minutes or less, and you meet many zombies and even some survivors. What sets this house apart is the stories behind the characters. Rather than just walking through a maze and having zombies chase you, you actually meet some of the characters, their brief monologues are quiet enjoyable. Tickets are cheap, and even cheaper for students so if you can get there, go!

Kids (4-15 years old) can see Spider-Man for free!




SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark (Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris, Producers) has announced an exciting ticket giveaway in celebration of Halloween!  At both the 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. performance on Wednesday, October 26th, the first 100 people at the box office one hour prior to curtain can get one child’s ticket free with the purchase of one full price adult ticket when the child (age 4-15) is wearing a full Spider-Man costume.  All children in costume at the matinee performance will also be invited to meet Spider-Man and take a photo with him immediately following the performance!

This special offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Additional allocations may be offered based on availability.  The free kid’s ticket is redeemable for ages 4-15 only with purchase of an adult ticket at the $149.50 price level. Costume may be homemade or store-bought but must be a head-to-toe resemblance of Spider-Man.  Management and/or box office staff has the right to determine eligibility of the costume.

SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark (Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris, Producers) features direction by Philip William McKinley (The Boy From Oz), original direction by Tony® Award-winner Julie Taymor (The Lion KingAcross The UniverseFrida), music and lyrics by 22-time Grammy® Award-winners Bono and The Edge, and book co-written by Taymor, Glen Berger (Underneath The Lintel) and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Fantastic Four and Spider-Man comics, “Big Love”).  The cast is led by Reeve Carney as ‘Peter Parker/Spider-Man,’ Tony® Award nominee Jennifer Damiano as ‘Mary Jane Watson,’ T.V. Carpio as ‘Arachne,’ Patrick Page as ‘Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.’

Inspired by over 40 years of Marvel comic books, SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark follows the story of teenager Peter Parker, whose unremarkable life is turned upside-down when he's bitten by a genetically altered spider and wakes up the next morning clinging to his bedroom ceiling. This bullied science-geek suddenly endowed with incredible powers soon learns, however, that with great power comes great responsibility as villains put both his physical strength and strength of character to the test.

Tickets for SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark are priced from $69.50 - $149.50, and can be purchased at Ticketmaster.com or by calling(877) 250-2929. Tickets are also available at the Foxwoods Theatre box office (213 West 42nd Street), which is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and Sunday, 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.  Tickets are now on sale through April 29, 2012.


March in the Village Halloween Parade

WBAI Artsy Fartsy Show Village Halloween Parade March!

Monday, Oct. 31


RSVP: FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=296105593736154 or email artsyfartsy@wbai.org THE ROUTE:  BRING WALKING SHOES!!

COSTUMES & MARCHING - Everyone must wear a costume to march in the parade!

This year’s theme is: CORPORATE VAMPIRES!! Dress up in corporate wear and vampire-ize it. Make a gravestone sign that says: We are the 1%, RIP Citibank, RIP JP Morgan, We want to suck your bank, The 1% will rise, etc.
Marching in costume you will get to suck the blood of the middle class and have fun becoming the character. Be as creative as you want with the theme of Corporate Vampires.
The band will perform behind the marchers and the Artsy Fartsy Show Banner
BAND – Rage Against the Brass You can still join the band ‘Rage Against the Brass’. All instrumentation welcome Show up tuned and in costume. Jon Braman is the band master. Email if you need music or info: artsyfartsy@wbai.org

CAN I STILL PARTICIPATE? WHERE DO YOU NEED HELP? Yes! You can march, make a larger than life puppet, play in the band, help out with the crafts and goodies. If you missed the meeting email: artsyfartsy@wbai.org  or visit the facebook.com/artsyfartsyshow  for updates and information.

MAKE AND CARRY A PUPPET We are looking for a group that has a puppet or wants to make a puppet. Please email us if you are interested.
FAQ Can my friend join the parade? Yes, just meet us at the location place.

I need an amplifier? If you can carry it, you can bring it.

Will we have a car or float? No we will be a marching group with a marching band

I don't have a vampire costume? Be creative. Non-costume people will not be allowed to march. If you need ideas email artsyfartsy@wbai.org

Do I have to be a corporate vampire? Yes, its the theme for our group.

Can I bring my dog if he is in costume? You can if he's in costume.

Is there a place to drop my stuff off? No, you will need to carry whatever you bring.

Where does the parade start and end? It starts in Soho and ends at 23rd St. Bring walking shoes.

I want to be in the band, will there be a rehearsal? No rehearsal, a warm up will take place in the park before the march. Email artsyfartsy@wbai.org for music.

For more info or to share ideas email artsyfartsy@wbai.org.

A Chile Pepper Fiesta at the Botanical Gardens


The Chile Pepper Fiesta at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens is an annual must for any fire breather. With a selection of hot sauces, chocolates, kimchees, pickles, straight up peppers and more, there is tons to taste and purchase. The food program also was impressive for those seeking a little more than tastes. Soups, tacos, chili and beer were all on scene. Of course the spicy was amped up, because, well, the obvious. The venue doesn't hurt either. The Botanical Gardens are accessible and beautiful all year round. They featured multiple live acts, The Defibulators in particular stood out this year. All in all, the Chile Pepper Event is great each fall, and should be marked on everyone's calendars.


This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: Oct. 4, 2011

This week on the Artsy Fartsy Show we explore CHANGE, real change that people all over the world are hitting the pavement, sleeping on the streets, crying for, bleeding for and that is change. While looking back is always clearer on how mistakes that were made have effected the entire planet, people are wanting to put a break on the circular caravan around the issues and Change it. Beit the youth sleeping in a park two blocks away while the police Occupy Wall Street, change needs to happen.

Our Segments this week:


Laura Oldfield Ford's amazing zine has had a cult following in the UK as it chornicles the redevelopment spectacle in London. It depicts the class war through the eyes of residents, herself, anarchists, and decenters through sketches, photography, and prose.

Laura Oldfield Ford's Savage Messiah infiltrates the politics, psychology and pop-cultural past of an alternative London. Part artwork and part graphic novel, Savage Messiah mixes text, photographs and drawings to offer a scathing critique of neoliberal economics, imagining a ruined city which might be just around the corner.

Laura Oldfield Ford, originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, studied at the Royal College of Art and has become well known for her politically active and poetic engagement with London as a site of social antagonism. She exhibits and teaches across Europe and America.

Get the Book: http://www.versobooks.com/books/1022-savage-messiah


Sept. 2011 marks the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's breakout album Nevermind, which defined a generation of music, the way artists live and the lessons they learn. How it influenced today's music and changed the entire scope of a disenchanted generation.


Hollis Witherspoon talks about Occupy Wall Street, what they stand for, what they want to change and how occupation fever is spreading across the country as American's join the millions of people across the world enraged by the middle and poor being ignored by a small powerful mass.


Interview with three time Tony Award Winner Hinton Battle. We will talk about being an actor, finding success and overcoming adversity.

Recognized as one of Broadway’s most respected musical stars, Battle began his career at the age of 16, originating the Scarecrow in The Wiz. He has received top honors—the NAACP Awards, Fred Astaire Awards, Ira Aldridge Awards and the Choreographer Media Honors. His choreography has been featured on The Golden Globe AwardsDance in America, Academy Awards, and Dancing with the Stars. He has appeared in the most successful musicals ever staged including: DANCIN, DREAMGIRLS,SOPHISTICATED LADIESCHICAGO (BILLY FLYNN), RAGTIME (COALHOUSE WALKER JR.), MISS SAIGON AND THE TAP DANCE KID.

His new single "When I Walk" is now available.

Performing Live: A Selection from Sistas: The Musical

Produced by Hinton Battle, Sistas, hang out in the attic After a matriarch's death. The women in the family clean Grandma's attic and find love and old memories packed away, and in the process, hit tunes that trace the history of black women, from the trials of the 1930's through the Girl Groups of the 60's to the empowerment of the 90's." Songs include "Oh, Happy Day," "Mama Said," "I Will Survive," "Tyrone," "I am Not My Hair" and "A Woman's Worth."Sistas: the Musical, the story of African-American women through Top-40 music, is written by Dorothy Marcic (writer of "RESPECT: The Musical," which has played in 20 cities) and directed by Kenneth Ferrone.
Lexi Rhoades plays Tamika
 April Nixon plays Simone
Jennifer Fouche plays Roberta
Amy Goldberger plays Heather
Tracey Conyer Lee Plays Gloria

See Sistas at St. Luke's Theatre, in NYC Now playing Thursday-Sunday.
Visit Sistasthemusical.com

This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: Hear Our Story Sept 27, 2011

Hear Our Story

This week we give you a light show with stories of artists.

Black Artist in the Midwest by Evelyn Patricia Terry

Nude Art Modeling

Acting School is Stupid

You will Always be my Gary

The Lisps

AF Sessions is our live curated music sessions here at the studios of WBAI. You can hear a portion of the excitement taking place in-studio this week as you listen to The Lisps.

Check out the coolness The Lisps are doing outside of music!

FUTURITY is an original indie-rock musical by Brooklyn-band The Lisps. A theatrically staged song cycle, FUTURITY tells the story of a Union soldier in the Civil War who is an aspiring inventor. The work fuses traditional Americana, found text, experimental music, and The Lisps’ own brand of quirky co-ed pop. The work has been performed in concert and workshop form in New York at Zipper Factory, Joe’s Pub, Bard College, Ars Nova, and at The Rudyard Kipling in Louisville, KY.

FUTURITY will be World Premiering at The American Repertory Theater March 16 – April 15 2012!

Futurity’s Official Website Music and Lyrics by César Alvarez with The Lisps Book by Molly Rice and César Alvarez

Check out this video from our last AF Sessions with Milano

This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show

Airing Tuesday at 2pm EST on WBAI 99.5FM or online stream.wbai.org For more information about the Artsy Fartsy Show visit our website: artsyfartsyshow.com

Do you know your rights on the social networks?
We love social networks? We can’t leave our social networks? Some of us live on our social networks 24/7. But is this more harmful than our sometimes false sense of connectedness. What about what you post on the internet and how it can come back to haunt you and your work.Today we discuss what artists should know about posting their intellectual property on the internet, how you can protect yourself and what to do when the photo of yourself is your intellectual property. Are social networks a social haven waiting to become the next Getty Images for photo and conent?Budgeting with no money to budget

Everyday we turn on the news in the morning and when we go to bed at night, we hear reports about the International markets and how tomorrow will be another down day at the Dow. With the debt ceiling squabbling, the countries lower credit rating and omnimous talks of double dip, what does this mean to your bottom line. And what about those whose bottom line is month-to-month.

Spencer Howard gives us some tips and advice on what we can do when you are below income.

Nil’s F’Up Day: 

The Cast joins us in studio to talk about being in the International Fringe Festival, the play and experimental theatre.

NILS wakes up into a completely fucked up day. He broke up with his bitch girlfriend the night before. HANS, his best friend, is a braindead asshole. His roommates are a couple of lesbians who will not let him into a threesome. HEIDI, one of the lesbians, is the girl NILS loves, but this love is not gonna happen… ever. PECA, the playwright who pays NILS’ rent, who is NILS’ absolute idol, tells him to suck his dick. There are news on TV about the imminent end of the world. NILS’ mother, an ex porn star, dies. POPS, NILS’ older brother, a crackhead, brings an envelope from PECA. POPS begs for crack. What choice does Nils actually have?Maybe it’s more to life (or death) than this.

Described by some critics as the "most obscene play in the Romanian theatre", Nils' Fucked Up Day by Peca Ştefan is a sarcastic, trashy, punk existentialist take on the fucked up choices we have in this fucked up world. Starting 2011, the play is outrageously performed in English & Ro-English by Romanian actors.

The cast is made up of 5 of the best young actors in Bucharest, in the tradition of the MONDAY Theatre. Some of them have been in the films of the new wave in Romanian cinema and are currently appearing on stage in Bucharest in both mainstream and indie theatres such as Bulandra, Teatrul Mic, Teatrul de Comedie and Teatrul ACT.

For more info on Nil’s Fucked Up Day http://www.nilsfuckedup.com

Performing This Week! Lisa Dalton!

A. Chekhov's The Darling

Lisa will perform a snippet from her one-woman show now apart of the New York International Fringe Festival.

Is Olenka the object of pity, ridicule or admiration? You decide! Possibly still politically incorrect, Anton Chekhov’s humorous, touching love story with fireworks, a timber yard battle and samovar tea party is rendered as a one-woman comedy show by award-winning actress, Lisa Dalton.Writer: Anton Chekhov, new translation by Victor S. Tkachenko with Lisa Dalton Director: Victor S. Tkachenko

IATI Theater 64 East 4th Street (between The Bowery and Second Avenue) New York, NY  10003 Purchase tickets at www.FringeNYC.org or call (866) 468-7619. Sat, Aug 13, 2011, 4:15 pm Sun, Aug 14, 2011, 2 pm Sat, Aug 20, 2011, 8:30 pm Sun, Aug 21, 2011, 3:45 pm Fri, Aug 26, 2011, 8:30 pm Sat, Aug 27, 2011, 3:45 pm
Tune in to the Artsy Fartsy Show, Tuesday at 2pm EST or listen from anywhere in the world online- http://stream.wbai.org
Missed last week's show?

Fright Night: Spine Tingling Thrill Ride

Fright Night is a thrill ride of chills with crafty humor. 

I love a great thriller. I can remember some great thrillers from the 80's, Sneakers being one of my favorites. But when it came to the original Fright Night (1985- Tom Holland, writer) is wasn't as enthused nor remember it very much. My review is completely based on this film not a comparison.


Colin Farrell is so hot. He can bite me with his allegator teeth any day. - Overheard, Audience Member after the film.

Director, Craig Gillespie and Writers, Tom Holland & Marti Noxon remake  Fright Night which opens Aug. 19th through Touchtone Pictures. The film opening right off with spine tingle suspense: a teenage boy trying to escape something that is chasing him, killing his family, and leaving him to fend for himself with a locked gun and a scary monster mouth leaning over him. But he is not the only one to see a grishly demise. Kids are dissappearing from the classroom roll call except for the Average Kid, Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) who dropped his dweebish friends to "grow up" and get a girlfriend. The girlfriend, Amy (Imogen Poots), her popular friends the handsome kid (Dave Franco, the younger brother of James Franco) and the Emo kid, Ben (Reid Ewing of "Modern Family"). His old best friend, Ed (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) has noticed the disappearences and desperately wants to pull Charley in again to their fantasy world of supernatural play but, this time he has discovered a real monster (Vampire Jerry played by Colin Farrell) living right next store to Charely.

Charely is lured in as he tries to keep his girlfriend out of the loop, his mother (Toni Collete) from answering the door letting the handsome new neighbor and the Las Vegas Vampire Slayer, Peter Vincent (David Tennant, "Dr. Who" & BBC Radio 4 "Double Income, No Kids Yet") to help him kill Vampire Jerry before its too late.

The make-up and effects transforming handsome (non-Twilight esque) Vampire Jerry into a horror vampire is good. And yes, the vampire teeth look like Critter.  I usually dislike 3D but the Real D 3D effects in Fright Night are very impressive and actually pop out of the screen.