This Week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: HEAR THIS Summer Heat - July 3, 2012

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This is the Artsy Fartsy Show and today we bring to you another Hear This program of stories from the experiential perspective. So sit back, sip on that cool summer blueberry lemonade, done on your shades and relax while you HEAR THIS


5 STORIES TO CELEBRATE SUMMER  Contributors: Nikki Dinki, Melissa Silver, Barika Edwards, Kaitlin Prest and Jon Braman 

Story 1: The Great Recipe Hunt by Nikki Dinki

Story 2: Dog Days of Summer by Melissa Silver

Story 3: The Hyster-y of the Vibrator by (Artsy Fartsy Show Advisory Member) Kaitlin Prest

Story 4: A Portrait of a Rehearsal by Barika Edwards

This summer most cities across the country will host a litany of  outdoor concerts, dance events and of course the opportunity to channel your inner Elizabethan by seeing live Shakespeare under the summer blue skies.  Fusing the music and themes from American rock icon Pearl Jam’s ground-breaking album, 10, with a gritty Lower East Side dynamic, A King of Infinite Space relates Shakespeare’s 17th century literature to 21st century New York City.

Information about the A King of Infinite Space
By Mando Alvarado, Directed By Jerry Ruiz
Adapted from Hamlet by William Shakespeare
SummerStage Theater Presented By Time Warner
Friday, July 06 - Saturday, July 07, 2012
St. Mary’s Park, BX
8:00 PM
Friday, July 13 - Saturday, July 14, 2012
Crotona Park, BX
8:00 PM
Starring Guests from today's broadcast: Rey Lucas,  Christen Gee Celaya and John-Martin Greene.

Website: Twitter: @summerstage

Story 5: Fireworks and Fireflies by Jon Braman


AF Sessions with Smokey Robotic AF Sessions Curator Jack Dourakos Interviews Smokey Robotic

AF Sessions is the Artsy Fartsy Show’s curated music series of hand selected musicians and bands invited to perform for you our listening audience in an exclusive intimate concert.

During today’s program you will hear a portion of the music played in during the June AF Sessions live intimate concert with inductee Smokey Robotic

Did you enjoy the music? Come to the next AF Sessions at The Tank NYC. August 19 and November 18th. Visit:


Smokey Robotic

Twitter: @smokeyrobotic

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