This week on the Artsy Fartsy Show: Why Live in New York When It's Not NY Anymore, Anyway- March 20,2012

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Justin Rivers has a passion for NYC. It is evident in his play, THE ETERNAL SPACE now set to have a short run at The Tank NYC directed by our own Barika Edwards. Justin is also the writer for The Wonder City, a graphic novel that re-imagines the entire history of New York City, an adventure where myth and history become intertwined in a mystery over 400 years old.
Barika will sit down with Justin to see if New York is still a haven for creativity inspired by the wonder of "authentic New York."
Check out Justin's Work:

Rural Urban Ruin - The Eternal Space performing March 22 and 23, 2012 at 9:30pm at the Tank NYC
Tickets are only $10 and you can purchase them at the door or online:
The Wonder City

Also in today's program, the Rural.Urban.Ruin the play series that includes The Eternal Space; the actors of Short Order: Leo Goodman, Vanessa Handy and Stephan Ward will perform.
As an actor, you're often advised that New York is the place to be for theater and culture, and the "Best Coast" is the destination for TV, film, and endless parades of pretty people. So what's an curious artsy girl to do? Hollis Witherspon enlists the help of two performer friends - performer, clown school graduate and accordionist Corinne Robkin, as she evaluates her new life in the Big Apple as a recent transplant from the foggy hills of relaxed San Francisco, and actress and writer Victoria Tate, who trades her Park Avenue view for palm trees car culture in sunny LA. Which coast will reign Supreme for these artists? Spot of Culture puts it to the test!
With so many hungry New Yorkers around it is no wonder that the big chain restaurants and fast food places are trying their best to find a home in NY where they can set up camp and get a piece of the action. But what happens if someday we have more chain than local restaurants.  Individually owned restaurants are a huge part of what makes NYC great and we have to hope the big chains dont change that. Nikki Dinki interviews New Yorkers and gives her thoughts on the unique restaurant scene in NY and just what might happen in the future.  Including details on how pink slime is becoming every more present in the food we eat and just what people are saying about it.
Leo Goodman, Vanessa Handy and Stephan Ward will perform from the play Short Order, which will be presented at The Tank NYC on March 22 and 23, 2012 at 9:30pm. Go to for more information and tix.

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