March in the Village Halloween Parade

WBAI Artsy Fartsy Show Village Halloween Parade March!

Monday, Oct. 31



COSTUMES & MARCHING - Everyone must wear a costume to march in the parade!

This year’s theme is: CORPORATE VAMPIRES!! Dress up in corporate wear and vampire-ize it. Make a gravestone sign that says: We are the 1%, RIP Citibank, RIP JP Morgan, We want to suck your bank, The 1% will rise, etc.
Marching in costume you will get to suck the blood of the middle class and have fun becoming the character. Be as creative as you want with the theme of Corporate Vampires.
The band will perform behind the marchers and the Artsy Fartsy Show Banner
BAND – Rage Against the Brass You can still join the band ‘Rage Against the Brass’. All instrumentation welcome Show up tuned and in costume. Jon Braman is the band master. Email if you need music or info:

CAN I STILL PARTICIPATE? WHERE DO YOU NEED HELP? Yes! You can march, make a larger than life puppet, play in the band, help out with the crafts and goodies. If you missed the meeting email:  or visit the  for updates and information.

MAKE AND CARRY A PUPPET We are looking for a group that has a puppet or wants to make a puppet. Please email us if you are interested.
FAQ Can my friend join the parade? Yes, just meet us at the location place.

I need an amplifier? If you can carry it, you can bring it.

Will we have a car or float? No we will be a marching group with a marching band

I don't have a vampire costume? Be creative. Non-costume people will not be allowed to march. If you need ideas email

Do I have to be a corporate vampire? Yes, its the theme for our group.

Can I bring my dog if he is in costume? You can if he's in costume.

Is there a place to drop my stuff off? No, you will need to carry whatever you bring.

Where does the parade start and end? It starts in Soho and ends at 23rd St. Bring walking shoes.

I want to be in the band, will there be a rehearsal? No rehearsal, a warm up will take place in the park before the march. Email for music.

For more info or to share ideas email